1/16/18 We framed a National Cherry Blossom Festival Poster in a mahogany red frame. The top mat is white suede and gives the blossoms a pearlescent feel. 


1/15/18 Custom frames for Magic the Gathering original paintings!

I love my job! I get to see and work with so many amazing art pieces. Last week we got to frame these original art pieces that were used in Magic the Gathering cards. I have put a watermark over some of the image to avoid copyright issues, but I wanted you to see how we (the customer and I) used the frame to bring out and enhance aspects of the art we are framing. 

This frame was perfect because it has the exact color and texture from the coat worn by the man hanging from the cliff. 

Original Art from Magic The Gathering cards

I love how the mottled texture from the next frame works with the rotting zombie flesh. 

Original Art from Magic The Gathering cards

The next image is a little small to see how well the frame works with the colors in the art. 

Original Art from Magic The Gathering cards


1/7/18 World War II Pilot's log book in a shadowbox picture frame.

Remember that World War II Airplane Propeller we did (see below). The customer has now given us the pilot's log book and some photos to frame in a shadowbox frame. This was fun!! The log book pages kept moving so we tied them down with clear fishing line. 

World War II Pilot's log book shadowbox frame

12/29/17 one of our customers brought in this Army jacket from World War II. We framed it in a 1.5" deep Shadowbox frame and attached the photo in a way that would be non-destructive and nearly invisible. Thank you for the opportunity to frame this beautiful memory. 

Army Uniform Jacket in a custom shadowbox picture frame.

12/19/17 This beautiful Batik painting is sandwiched between two pieces of glass to show the art standing out from the wall behind. 

Ellens Batik

5/27/17 Art A Whirl!  Last weekend I exhibited some of my photography at Art A Whirl. Here are a few photos from the show. If you have never been to Art A Whirl I highly suggest going. There are something like 800 studios in northeast Minneapolis open to the public with amazing art everywhere you turn. It's a great way to spend a weekend. Art A Whirl is the Northeast Minneapolis open studio weekend for the spring and Art Attack is the fall version. Go visit Art Attack this November. 

My work is on the upper level balcony. 

Lake Edna


Verdant Crossing 

5/13/17 Did I ever tell you about the job we did for Jennie-O Turkey Store corporate offices? They had this long hall they wanted to decorate and they wanted to tell the story of their inception. Katie Morgan of Interior Design Studio in Willmar, MN. came up with the design idea of having 22 pictures in a storyboard formation. The short pictures are 10" x 20" and the larger pictures are 20" x 20". Jennie-O Turkey Store dug through their photography archive and found these historical images. Katie worked with the team at Jennie-O Turkey Store to come up with the story that would be told about each panel. We then rendered the images to sepia (sepia is brown and white photography) added backgrounds and the text in photoshop. We printed the finished images on canvas and had them shipped to the install location.  Below you can see the beautiful outcome.

Jenny O Corporate Story WallUsing art to tell your corporate story.


5/2/17 This was a fun job. We made a giant 48"x71" framed logo shield for the UPS conference room. We started with a piece of 4x8 plywood. It was painted ivory. Then we glued the UPS logo to the plywood. The letters were purchased online and attached to the board. We used Museum Glass to cover the piece and keep the dust out. The frame is from Larson Juhl and has a slight curve with a matt black finish. We love these interesting jobs. 

Giant UPS logo 1  Corporate decor

1/14/17 Do you have a business that needs decorating?  We recently did a job for a fiber optics company that was looking for about forty pictures to decorate their offices. We found the images on a stock photography site, printed and framed them then shipped them to Ohio. We can also add messages to images like your company name or motto.

11/3/16 Ryders Cup collage framed in a red suede mat. The flag is stitched to the mat so the whole thing can be seen. 

Custom Picture frame for Ryders cup flag